Homeless Woman Inspires Giving By Replacing Boy’s Stolen Bike

Liz Fuller-Wright was devastated last week when her three-year-old son Will’s first bicycle was stolen from outside a Maine Walgreens while they were out on his very first ride. When Rockland police shared security footage of the thief hoping to find the bike, a homeless woman saw the post and felt compelled to act.

The good Samaritan, who is living out of her car and wishes to remain anonymous, used her limited funds to purchase an identical bike and delivered it to the Rockland Police station. The police department’s update on the story led to an outpouring of support, resulting in nearly $1,200 in donations to the Mid-coast Recovery Coalition to help the woman get back on her feet.

Will’s mom was deeply moved by the woman’s selfless act. “She gave so much so generously to a little boy she’d never met, never known. Because she wanted him to be happy,” Fuller-Wright says. “She wanted him to have faith in humanity.” The touching story serves as a reminder that everyday heroes can be found in the most unexpected places.

Source: WMTW