Lowe’s Worker Goes Above For Family’s Wheelchair-Bound Son

Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, couple Mark and Jessica Getty went into their local Lowe’s to get materials to build stable parallel bars for their disabled son, William. The parallel bars were meant to help William, who has quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy, learn to walk. While in the PVC aisle, they were approached by Lowe’s employee Dave Urban, who offered to help them get their supplies and quickly grasped the importance of the project.

“I thought I would just be finding some fittings, making a couple cuts,” Urban recalls. But when he saw William, he decided to take it a step further and build the set for the Gettys. In around 30 minutes, Urban had completed the parallel bars, a task that would have taken the Gettys all afternoon.

After the project, William used the bars to help pull himself up, stand, and walk. The Getty family expressed their gratitude for Urban’s kindness, but it was clear that Urban got just as much from the interaction as they did. “Just go the extra mile,” Urban says. “It may reward you 100 times back.”

Source: Daily Kos