Officers Step In To Help Hungry Veteran Who Can’t Afford Food

The Powder Springs, Georgia, police department is praising three officers for helping a hungry veteran. On Thursday, the officers encountered the veteran, who told them he hadn’t eaten in days and had recently lost around 50 pounds.

The veteran was concerned about when he’d be able to afford food since he wasn’t expecting his VA check for another few weeks. In response to the situation, the officers decided to pool their money and buy groceries for the veteran, “to hopefully sustain him for a while.”

The police department commended the officers on social media, writing, “People typically know officers for their acts of bravery, but this is true heroism.” They emphasized that anyone can be a hero by listening to others’ needs and acting to solve problems. The Powder Springs PD also expressed gratitude for the officers’ actions beyond their job duties for simply being “good humans.”

Source: WSBTV