Blake Shelton’s Side Hustle: Corn Farmer – Video included

Born and raised in Oklahoma, he may be living the Hollywood lifestyle these days, but Blake Shelton is still a country boy at heart. When he’s not judging “The Voice” or playing shows to packed houses across the globe, Blake has a side-hustle/hobby he obviously loves – corn farming.

Tweeting out a clip from high atop his Kubota tractor (get off the phone while you’re driving, Blake!), the country singer enthused about the warmer weather and what comes next.

“It’s corn time y’all!!!!!! #kubotacountry.” The video showed the country star riding on his tractor as he said, “It’s early April, there is absolutely no frost in the forecast. That means it’s corn time, baby. Woo! We’re farmin’.”

Source: CountryNow

View his twitter video here!